Board of Directors

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Governance/Ownership Agreements (IMAA)

This section provides resources and guides for managing NPO Financial Policies, as well as clear expectations for real estate committees. Overall, these resources will help an organization by increasing financial literacy, and ensuring that their NPO is well-managed financially.

The Effective Not-for-Profit Board: A value-driving force (Deloitte)

This third edition of The Effective Not-for-Profit Board discusses NPO governance within the current regulatory and stakeholder environment. It focuses on the board of directors, since it is the board that bears the ultimate responsibility for the stewardship of an organization.

HR Management Toolkit (CHRC)

Expand the scope of your HR knowledge with the Cultural Human Resources Council’s HR Management Toolkit, developed specially for the Cultural Sector in areas including recruitment, benefits plan, mentoring, succession planning, best practices and working with a non-profit board. This toolkit can be purchased for $199.99 (50% off for CHRC members)

Toolkits on Democratic Governance (CSMO-ÉSAC)

(Only available in French) The aim of these toolkits by CSMO-ÉSAC is to offer concrete responses to the principle questions that are asked by organizations engaged with social economy and community action on democratic governance. Depending on whether you are a NPO or a cooperative, there are two toolkits available: Democratic governance – NPOs for community action and the social economy or Democratic Governance – Cooperatives. Toolkits are available as a CD-ROM ($40 each) or as a downloadable file ($35 each).

How to Run an Annual General Meeting (SaskCulture)

Provincially incorporated non-profit organizations are required by law to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Ensuring that this statutory business takes place is part of good governance. This guide provides tools for preparing an AGM, an agenda and relevant documents, and includes a sample preparation timeline, election process and AGM script.

Managing the activities of the Board of Directors (SMQ)

(Only available in French) Largely inspired by the work of the Training and Professional Development Department of the Société des musées du Québec (SMQ), in 2007-2008, the Governance of Museum Institutions guide provides an updated overview of governance principles in general. This short section of the guide presents all the elements a non-profit organization needs to structure a board of directors.

Toolkit for Cree Social Entrepreneurs

This toolkit is a set of comprehensive and user-friendly content, templates, and to-do lists specifically developed for Northern Quebec Cree Social entrepreneurs. It is equally applicable to other First Nations communities and non-profit arts organizations with similar organizational structures. A series of Fact Sheets at the beginning summarizes each topic for fast reading.

Getting on Board: a governance resource guide for arts organisations (Creative New Zealand)

This resource guide was the result of a research project commissioned by the Arts Board of Creative New Zealand to strengthen the governance performance of arts organisations throughout New Zealand. At 82-pages, it is a comprehensive guide covering all areas of board governance from stakeholder relations, to typical governance challenges, to board processes and practices, to strategic risk management. The final section of the guide lists recommended resource books, websites and periodicals for further reading.