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Guide to Law for Nonprofit Organizations in Atlantic Canada (LISNS)

This guide by Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia will help nonprofits increase their knowledge of the laws in Atlantic Canada that relate to running an organization. It will help nonprofits choose the right organizational structure for their group, avoid fines and avoid liability charges. It will help nonprofit groups research important legal issues from developing a constitution to properly preparing tax information.

General Assembly Kit (Associathèque)

(Only available in French) This guide was prepared by Associathèque (based in France) to help associations organize their general assembly. The kit includes information on: convocation, absentee voting, meeting schedule, meeting minutes and communications

How to Run an Annual General Meeting (SaskCulture)

Provincially incorporated non-profit organizations are required by law to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Ensuring that this statutory business takes place is part of good governance. This guide provides tools for preparing an AGM, an agenda and relevant documents, and includes a sample preparation timeline, election process and AGM script.

Canadian Model Bylaws for Not-for-profit corporations (Government of Canada)

When incorporating under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act), you have to create by-laws. They set out the rules for governing and operating the corporation. They can be modified at a later date as the needs of the corporation change. These model Bylaws allow you to create by-laws for your corporation.

Toolkit for Cree Social Entrepreneurs

This toolkit is a set of comprehensive and user-friendly content, templates, and to-do lists specifically developed for Northern Quebec Cree Social entrepreneurs. It is equally applicable to other First Nations communities and non-profit arts organizations with similar organizational structures. A series of Fact Sheets at the beginning summarizes each topic for fast reading.