This toolkit, developed by IMAA and completed in May 2020, includes a comprehensive analysis of Canadian arts organizations’ challenges in securing and maintaining affordable real estate, as well as a detailed resource toolkit of template documents, official guides, and sample documents from several Canadian arts organizations. This toolkit can be used as a resource for any non-profit arts organization that is looking to rent/purchase/design a new space for its operations to take place.

In some cases, arts organizations will choose to hire an expert or a consultant outside of the organization in order to secure a space. This section contains a guide on choosing the right consultant, as well as templates for a non-disclosure agreement and a standard consulting contract.

a. How to Hire a Consultant – Guide (PDF)

Brief guide with helpful commentary on what to think about when hiring a consultant.

b. Non Disclosure Agreement – Template (Word Document)

Fulsome non-disclosure agreement template which may be needed when bringing external contractors into a project.  This language can also form part of the finalized consulting agreement if there is concern over the need for confidentiality in handling all project related and organizational information.

c. Standard Consulting Contract – Template (Word Document)

Form of simple contract for engaging external consultants.