This toolkit, developed by IMAA and completed in May 2020, includes a comprehensive analysis of Canadian arts organizations’ challenges in securing and maintaining affordable real estate, as well as a detailed resource toolkit of template documents, official guides, and sample documents from several Canadian arts organizations. This toolkit can be used as a resource for any non-profit arts organization that is looking to rent/purchase/design a new space for its operations to take place.

This section contains documents that help describe an organization’s business plan, which is often used to illustrate an organization’s goals and strategies to funders and lenders.

a. Standard Business Plan – Template (PDF)

Simple business plan document format.

b. Sources and Uses Chart – Template (PDF)

Simple one-pager Sources and Uses chart template.  This is a key tool used by funders and lenders to understand the entirety of project finances as to what the various sources of money are, and how they will be spent.

c. Sample Business Plan – PAVED Arts/AKA, Saskatoon (Word Document)

Completed sample business plan document for the purchase of a building by a joint venture of two non-profit media arts organizations in Saskatoon – PAVED Arts and AKA Gallery Inc.

d. Community Funding Application Chart – PAVED Arts/AKA, Saskatoon (PDF)

Scan of a Community Funding application chart showing how project funding was assembled for a renovation project in Saskatoon.