This toolkit, developed by IMAA and completed in May 2020, includes a comprehensive analysis of Canadian arts organizations’ challenges in securing and maintaining affordable real estate, as well as a detailed resource toolkit of template documents, official guides, and sample documents from several Canadian arts organizations. This toolkit can be used as a resource for any non-profit arts organization that is looking to rent/purchase/design a new space for its operations to take place.

In order to secure a location, many artist-run organizations choose to partner with one or more organizations to utilize a joint space. To determine whether this decision is advantageous, some of the resources in this section may be helpful. This section contains many different sample co-location feasibility studies, as well as a Non-Profit Shared Space Toolkit prepared by the City of Edmonton.

a. Co-location Feasibility Considerations – Sample Report (PDF)

Sample report from an assessment of the potential for a co-location space in Vancouver.  Includes the elements of consideration and the outcomes of the assessment process.

b. Co-location Feasibility Study – Sample Report (PDF)

Sample detailed feasibility report for a co-location site indicating the process and elements being considered to evaluate the opportunity.

c. Co-location Summary Description – Sample (PDF)

Sample co-location description document.  Provides a sample of the characteristics that define a co-location site for non-profit organizations.

d. Co-working Space, Research/Feasibility Report – Sample, HiVE Vancouver (PDF)

Sample report of research and feasibility findings for a Vancouver based model for co-location and creation of a sustainability focused flexible and collaborative workspace.

e. Non Profit Shared Space Toolkit – City of Edmonton (PDF)

Fulsome guide produced by the City of Edmonton as a toolkit and preparation document for non-profit organizations considering the development of a shared workspace.

f. Shared Space Concept Development Consultation Report – Sample (PDF) 

Early stage consultation concept report from the visioning of a co-location innovation Centre in Vancouver.