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HR Management Toolkit (CHRC)

Expand the scope of your HR knowledge with the Cultural Human Resources Council’s HR Management Toolkit, developed specially for the Cultural Sector in areas including recruitment, benefits plan, mentoring, succession planning, best practices and working with a non-profit board. This toolkit can be purchased for $199.99 (50% off for CHRC members)

Human Resource Management Toolkit (CSMO-ÉSAC)

(Only available in French) The Human Resource Management Toolkit by CSMO-ÉSAC is aimed at community action organizations as well as social economy enterprises (NFPs and cooperatives). It is made up of 7 distinct modules, each enhanced with self-evaluation tools, practical tools, exercises, etc. And, as an improvement to the previous version of the toolkit, a selection of the content can be downloaded in Word or Excel formats. The Toolkit is available as a CD-ROM (at $25) or as a download (at $20)

Toolkit for Cree Social Entrepreneurs

This toolkit is a set of comprehensive and user-friendly content, templates, and to-do lists specifically developed for Northern Quebec Cree Social entrepreneurs. It is equally applicable to other First Nations communities and non-profit arts organizations with similar organizational structures. A series of Fact Sheets at the beginning summarizes each topic for fast reading.