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General Assembly Kit (Associathèque)

(Only available in French) This guide was prepared by Associathèque (based in France) to help associations organize their general assembly. The kit includes information on: convocation, absentee voting, meeting schedule, meeting minutes and communications

Toolkits on Democratic Governance (CSMO-ÉSAC)

(Only available in French) The aim of these toolkits by CSMO-ÉSAC is to offer concrete responses to the principle questions that are asked by organizations engaged with social economy and community action on democratic governance. Depending on whether you are a NPO or a cooperative, there are two toolkits available: Democratic governance – NPOs for community action and the social economy or Democratic Governance – Cooperatives. Toolkits are available as a CD-ROM ($40 each) or as a downloadable file ($35 each).

How to Run an Annual General Meeting (SaskCulture)

Provincially incorporated non-profit organizations are required by law to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Ensuring that this statutory business takes place is part of good governance. This guide provides tools for preparing an AGM, an agenda and relevant documents, and includes a sample preparation timeline, election process and AGM script.