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A Policy Primer: Guide to Developing Human Rights Policies and Procedures (OHRC)

The purpose of this guide is to provide organizations with some practical help for developing effective and fair ways to prevent human rights infringements, and for responding to human rights issues such as harassment, discrimination and accommodation needs. The OHRC’s guide includes a discussion of each of the key things to consider when developing human rights policies and procedures. It also includes sample language that you can modify to meet your organization’s needs and focus.

Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial Discrimination (OHRC)

This policy sets out the OHRC’s position on racism, racial discrimination and racial harassment, at the time of publication. It replaces the OHRC’s 1996 Policy on Racial Slurs and Harassment and Racial Jokes. It deals with issues that fall within the OHRC’s jurisdiction and which can form the subject matter of an application to the Tribunal.

Guidelines for Volunteer Management (Hot Docs)

This manual was created by Hot Docs to support arts and culture not-for-profits in Ontario and beyond to have a better understanding of developing a strong and successful volunteer program. With the hope of providing insight into the planning and execution of a volunteer program, organizations can continue to grow and provide their volunteers with the best experience possible. The manual also contains several template forms, documents, reports and letters as well as useful data.