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Toolkits on Democratic Governance (CSMO-ÉSAC)

(Only available in French) The aim of these toolkits by CSMO-ÉSAC is to offer concrete responses to the principle questions that are asked by organizations engaged with social economy and community action on democratic governance. Depending on whether you are a NPO or a cooperative, there are two toolkits available: Democratic governance – NPOs for community action and the social economy or Democratic Governance – Cooperatives. Toolkits are available as a CD-ROM ($40 each) or as a downloadable file ($35 each).

Human Resource Management Toolkit (CSMO-ÉSAC)

(Only available in French) The Human Resource Management Toolkit by CSMO-ÉSAC is aimed at community action organizations as well as social economy enterprises (NFPs and cooperatives). It is made up of 7 distinct modules, each enhanced with self-evaluation tools, practical tools, exercises, etc. And, as an improvement to the previous version of the toolkit, a selection of the content can be downloaded in Word or Excel formats. The Toolkit is available as a CD-ROM (at $25) or as a download (at $20)

Toolkit for Cree Social Entrepreneurs

This toolkit is a set of comprehensive and user-friendly content, templates, and to-do lists specifically developed for Northern Quebec Cree Social entrepreneurs. It is equally applicable to other First Nations communities and non-profit arts organizations with similar organizational structures. A series of Fact Sheets at the beginning summarizes each topic for fast reading.