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A Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit for the Interactive Digital Media Industry (Interactive Ontario)

The toolkit, designed by Interactive Ontario, provides interactive digital media (IDM) companies with pragmatic and actionable advice for enhancing their talent management strategies with the goal of improving team diversity while fostering an inclusive culture. The strategies in the toolkit are tailored to the unique needs of the IDM sector to help leaders attract and retain top talent from diverse backgrounds. Through implementation of these strategies, IDM companies will increase employment opportunities in the sector for talent currently underrepresented due to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, religion, age, ability and other identities.

Anti-Oppression Toolkit Workshop and Exercise Outlines for Anti-Oppression Training at Community Radio Stations (NCRA)

This resource guide was developed by the Equity and Anti-Racism Committee of the National Campus and Community Radio Association in response to a resolution passed at the 2012 National Campus and Community Radio Conference, “that the NCRA gather safe space/anti-oppression resources, distill training modules and disseminate them to the stations”. The workshop and exercise outlines compiled herein come from various sources and may be used individually or in conjunction with one another.